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Reflections on Lake Placid ‘identity’ commentary

April 2, 2015
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

Recently Ed Weibrecht drafted a very interesting and challenging commentary, clearly identifying Lake Placid as an authentic Olympic village. "But we don't market and promote ourselves on these strengths," he wrote. "We have the most wonderful, winter, summer, and year round opportunities for visitors to enjoy, and yet they are all underutilized." Weibrecht continues, "We seem to have lost our way or our focus on what's important. Studies have reported to show Olympic is no longer an important drawing card for us."

As I read this article, I agree with his challenge. What can we do better to spend our energy and determine what we have to do to better make the outside world aware of who we are and what we are.

As a person owning a cottage in the area and frequently visiting Lake Placid for the past 35 years, I think it is vital to focus on what might be doable to enhance the attraction of this Lake Placid community.

First, there must be a shift from the years of focusing on Olympic heritage and legacy. Might this image be played out and is no longer a priority attraction? While a very important legacy, it is not current and effectively working today.

Secondly, what is needed to supplement this Olympic heritage? Marketing current interests is vital. What are popular interests folks are now pursuing? I would definitely include on and off road cycling. Current active involvement in running, walking and exercising are increasingly becoming a part of many youth and adult activities.

Thirdly, I would propose the promotion and incorporation of conference gatherings focusing on business, spiritual, wellness, mental health and art festivals. The natural beauty of lakes, mountains and rivers that surround the Lake Placid village are perfect for groups wising to connect for personal, interpersonal, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical growth awareness.

Current and operating groups are needed to advocate and become here-and-now actively involved (i.e. ORDA, Convention and Visitors Bureau along with religious groups, mental health, educational and adult development organizations.

Dan Joynt

Sherman, Connecticut



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