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Jingle Bell Run/Walk draws a crowd

December 14, 2013
Lake Placid News

LAKE PLACID - The fourth annual Adirondack Health Jingle Bell Run/Walk drew a field of 152 runners/walkers on Dec. 7.

Doug Hazelden of Bloomingdale was the first runner to complete the 2.7-mile course, crossing the line in 16 minutes, 27 seconds. He was followed by Saranac Lakers DJ Racette (16:47), Hailey Bitner (17:35), Max Paul (17:43) and Matt Paul (17:52).

Bitner was the top female finisher, beating out Pam Moore (18:35) and Rachel Stanton (18:46).

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Runners take off at the start of the Adirondack Health Jingle Bell Run/Walk on Dec. 7 in Lake Placid. The fourth annual event drew 152 runners and walkers.
Photo/Roy Bombard

The event raised nearly $3,500 for Adirondack Health's Fit For Life Scholarship program and the North Elba Christmas Fund. Participants also contributed toys and were issued bells for their shoes to keep in line with the holiday spirit.

Every year, the North Elba Christmas Fund and its volunteers provide snowsuits, hats, mittens, boots, sleds, blankets, toys and diapers to approximately 160 children. There are 85 fruit baskets or poinsettias to senior citizens. A food delivery program provides a complete Christmas dinner for 190 families.


Adirondack Health Jingle Bell Run/Walk

Dec. 7

2.7 Miles



1Doug Hazelden16:27.5
2DJ Racette16:47.2
3Max Paul17:43.1
4Matt Paul17:52.7
5Peter Jones18:11.5
6Tom Moore18:25.1
7David Balestrini19:37.0
8Jon Fremante19:39.6
9Dan White20:05.2
10Bill Skufca20:14.0
11David Carlucci20:18.5
12Steven Orman21:02.8
13David Burnett21:44.4
14Justin Leonard21:46.6
15Benjamin Kniskern22:11.4
16Patrick Harrington22:12.5
17John Hamm22:23.3
18Peter Harrington23:30.8
19Allan Richter23:46.6
20Kevin Catlin23:54.6
21Marc Lovci24:20.5
22Michael Foley24:22.6
23Jacob Leonard24:28.8
24Rick Plasse25:06.0
25James Cunningham26:34.5
26William Roth26:42.9
27John Betts26:44.9
28Gregory Pennington26:53.2
29Matt Pattersons28:15.0
30Carter Grady29:08.8
31David Kirkby30:30.2
32John Leonard31:17.1
33Bill Harvest31:33.9
34Richard Pierson32:07.8
35Derek Ebersol34:10.2
36Mark Keeling35:04.0
37Jim Langmead35:09.1
38Ronald Hesseltine36:45.9
39Rich Yarmel38:12.5
40Christopher Zimmer40:30.0
41Thomas Techman40:43.0
42Steve Eldred40:44.7
43Bob Garrett40:54.7
44Greg Comora44:19.0
45Brian Trombley45:06.7
46Mike Brankman45:07.9
47David Aldrich45:22.9
48Peter Drinkwater48:07.3
49Michael Blonder50:51.8
1Hailey Bitner17:35.8
2Pam Moore18:35.9
3Rachel Stanton18:46.5
4Elise Munn19:00.2
5Darci LaFave19:26.6
6Karen Delaney20:53.4
7Heather Martin21:00.5
8Erin Skufca21:19.6
9Sabine Weber21:49.7
10Amy Alvarez22:01.1
11Ashley Walden22:18.7
12Karen Dayan22:31.0
13Anna Burnett22:48.6
14Rachael Everleth23:12.3
15Megan Bretschneider23:37.8
16Sherry Fuller23:39.2
17Misty Saunderson23:39.7
18Gretchen Lena23:47.1
19Meg Kniskern23:53.7
20Lauren Salter23:55.6
21Morgan Tracey23:56.2
22Crystal Jones24:09.3
23Carrie Plasse24:13.0
24Mary Lovci24:19.8
25Alissa Reisinger24:30.0
26Kathy Hayden24:33.0
27Kimbery Rath24:34.2
28Lindsey Rath24:36.0
29Morgan Paul24:43.8
30Dorothy Auer-Yanchitis24:46.1
31Kiersten Kotronis25:01.2
32Kat Wrublevski25:53.5
33Lori Fitzgerald26:10.7
34Tonya Lackey26:13.5
35Misty Sinclair26:23.4
36Sarah Keyes26:36.6
37Sara Roth26:41.9
38Amanda Rickett26:46.1
39Renee Stiles26:48.3
40Alexandria Pennington26:50.7
41Colleen Skufca27:01.6
42Darcy Rabideau27:04.4
43Kari Feingold27:20.3
44Kayleigh Merrill27:24.3
45Christine Merrill27:43.8
46Tosha Hall27:45.0
47Laura Coffin27:48.7
48Jill Tyksinski27:50.0
49Tammy Casey28:27.6
50Deanna Rizzo28:33.8
51Janelle Rizzo28:34.4
52Lauren Grossberg29:03.1
53Maria DeAngelo29:21.9
54Kim Speck29:32.7
55Jessie Pepe29:50.8
56Beth Hesseltine30:51.0
57Barb Brabon31:33.8
58Linda Pierson32:07.6
59Tracy Rabideau32:32.2
60Darbi Rabideau34:10.9
61Roslyn McClatchie34:36.6
62Michelle Golonka35:10.2
63Emma Rabideau35:12.3
64Sarah Petersons35:19.0
65Melissa LaClair35:30.4
66Erin Hesseltine36:33.6
67Angie James36:52.5
68Jill Davis36:57.0
69Robyn McClatchie36:58.7
70Tammy Loewy37:13.9
71Angie Reynolds37:19.9
72Lyn MacAlpine37:21.1
73Patty Yarmel38:11.6
74Jackie Torrance38:24.5
75Karen Marshall38:24.7
76Cathy Brankman39:07.9
77Heather Comora40:29.1
78Andrea Grant-Evans40:56.3
79Tricia Garrett40:56.6
80Michelle Leung-Elder41:08.2
81Jessica Ano41:14.6
82Kathy McHugh41:16.2
83Anita Leonard41:33.8
84Anne Henry41:36.0
85Mary Neary43:28.3
86Amy Munn43:30.7
87Kimberly Williams43:32.1
88Stephanie Colby43:38.5
89Susan Kirkby44:48.7
90Barbara Trombley44:50.9
91Susan Harrington44:54.0
92Chandler Ralph45:23.1
93Kim O'Mera- Zimmer45:28.2
94Kim Herron48:03.9
95Mary Drinkwater48:04.8
96Terry Underhill50:53.9
97Francesra Riley51:55.3
98Lacey Agoney51:56.2
99Erin Green1:00:11.5
100Shannon Ayrassian1:00:12.0
101Michelle Murray1:00:12.3
102Elizabeth White1:01:02.3
103Michelle Szmarz1:01:02.5



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