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Runners take on Whiteface toll road

September 21, 2013
By MORGAN RYAN - Sports Editor ( , Lake Placid News

WILMINGTON - Jacob Malcomb of Canton reached the top of Whiteface Mountain faster than any of the other 86 racers in the field Sept. 14 in the Whiteface Uphill Footrace held on the Veterans Memorial Highway.

Malcomb, 26, completed the 8-mile course that started at the intersection of state Route 86 and 431 in Wilmington and climbed the highway to just below the 4,867-foot summit in 1 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds. Jeremy Drowne of West Chazy was second in 1:03:20 and John Spinney of Waterbury, Vt. was third in 1:05:17.

Erin Rasco of Cadyville was the top female. She finished 12th overall with a time of 1:17:57. Cassie Sellars of Plattsburgh was the second woman across the line in 1:21:23 and Louise Voghel of Quebec was third in 1:23:48.

Article Photos

Jacob Malcomb, left, and Jeremy Drowne battle for position during the Whiteface Uphill Footrace on Sept. 14. Malcomb won the race to the top of the mountain, while Drowne finished second.
Photos courtesy of Pat Hendrick Photography

Jan Wellford of Keene was the top local finisher with his fourth-place overall placing in 1:08:47. Bob Tysen of Lake Placid finished ninth in 1:14:33. Nancie Battaglia of Lake Placid finished in 1:49:39.

It was the 36th running of the Uphill Footrace that follows the switchbacks of the toll road with an average of an 8 percent grade and an elevation gain of more than 3,500 feet.

The following are results from the race:


Whiteface Uphill Footrace

Sept. 14

1 Malcomb, Jacob M26 (Canton)1:02:44.75
2 Drowne, Jeremy M36 (West Chazy)1:03:20.75
3 Spinney, John M38 (Waterbury Vt.)1:05:17.57
4 Wellford, Jan M32 (Keene)1:08:47.30
5 Dengate, Jeff M36 (Jersey City, NJ)1:10:45.55
6 Lynch, Phil M33 (Saranac)1:11:35.06
7 Sullivan, Joseph M34 (Schenectady)1:12:44.31
8 Beaulieu, Patrice M41 (Ste-anne-de-bell)1:13:21.80
9 Tysen, Bob M57 (Lake Placid)1:14:33.22
10 Hatch, Stanley M52 (Cadyville)1:16:41.06
11 Karkoski, Matthew M51 (Ticonderoga)1:17:14.80
12 Rasco, Erin F25 (Cadyville)1:17:57.11
13 Lewis, David M22 (Utica)1:19:21.77
14 Wilkins, Bruce M60 (Fairport)1:20:42.30
15 Sellars, Cassie F36 (Plattsburgh)1:21:23.34
16 Mileski, William M46 (Ledyard CT)1:22:21.80
17 Foster, James M62 (Chittenango)1:22:29.18
18 Smith, Kyle M36 (New Russia)1:23:09.98
19 Voghel, Louise F59 (St-armand QC)1:23:48.80
20 Champagne, Kevin M45 (Plattsburgh)1:24:14.55
21 Plimpton, Tom M48 (Peru)1:25:40.07
22 Farbaniec, Jeffrey M51 (Saratoga Springs)1:27:53.74
23 Edwards, Brian M44 (Massena)1:27:54.93
24 Slesinski, Phil M25 (Ticonderoga)1:28:29.30
25 Pickreign, Andrew M26 (Saranac Lake)1:29:05.85
26 Loscalzo, Nicole F40 (Wells, Vt)1:29:25.58
27 Gadde, Brian M53 ((Ottawa ON))1:29:35.26
28 Krausbar, Nikolas M21 (Ottawa ON)1:30:20.31
29 Madden, Sara F36 (Albany)1:30:25.30
30 Dahl, Andy M52 (Rigaud QC)1:31:08.62
31 Fisher, Scott M46 (Franklin Lakes NJ)1:31:34.80
32 Tarsa, Greg M24 (Bomoseen Vt.)1:32:35.05
33 Buckley, Allison F30 (Ballston Spa)1:32:57.20
34 Wheelwright, Neil M56 (Burlington)1:33:04.95
35 Brightwell, Scott M44 (Peru)1:33:31.80
36 Norelli, Mary F46 (Franklin Lakes NJ)1:33:34.30
37 Colpron, Sebastien M44 (Mont-royal QC)1:34:37.37
38 Carroll, Doug M48 (Syracuse)1:35:05.05
39 Dwyer, Casey F34 (Glens Falls)1:35:13.56
40 Burleigh, Michael M58 (Saranac)1:35:32.55
41 Sellars, Preston M39 (Plattsburgh)1:35:55.03
42 Van Kerckvoorde, Colette F53 (Lee)1:36:21.21
43 Gilyard, R. Dennis M62 (Endicott)1:37:04.30
44 Cota, Scott M38 (Plattsburgh)1:37:24.34
45 Rubin, Everett M27 (Lake Placid)1:37:31.91
46 Rodgers, Dale M65 (Westford Vt)1:37:52.38
47 Langmead, James M55 (Canandaigua)1:40:00.55
48 Leonard, Richard M60 (Watertown)1:43:20.05
49 Martin, Heather F28 (Cadyville)1:44:35.31
50 Darney Buehler, Jess F38 (Elizabethtown)1:46:24.74
51 Sarjeant, Cheryl F34 (Averill Park)1:47:38.60
52 Dolecki, Kenneth C. M68 (Oakland NJ)1:48:10.89
53 Dedominicas, Paul M36 (Plattsburgh)1:48:18.05
54 Battaglia, Nancie F59 (Lake Placid)1:49:39.89
55 Bashaw, Ingrid F64 (Peru)1:50:27.54
56 Giddens, Ben M57 (Milton Ont)1:50:47.05
57 Krausbar, Gunther M50 (Ottawa ON)1:51:13.07
58 Yakey, Scott M60 (Plattsburgh)1:51:40.55
59 Jones, Thomas M46 (Hillsdale NJ)1:51:52.55
60 Ross III, Fred M67 (Vernon VT)1:53:04.06
61 Kologinski, Mike M57 (Toronto)1:54:12.80
62 Muscarella, Brittany F26 (Snyder)1:55:39.16
63 Woltjen, Jennifer F56 (Endicott)1:56:04.55
64 Stanton, Debra F57 (Lake Placid)1:56:56.05
65 Yates, Peter M62 (South Hero VT)1:58:24.53
66 Everett, William M62 (Essex Junction VT)1:58:25.05
67 Ruben, Peter F. M73 (Holland Patent)1:58:48.81
68 Lepak, Lawrence M64 (Endicott)1:59:17.81
69 Syracuse, Richard M27 (Amherst )1:59:49.45
70 Colpron, Nadine F41 (Montreal)2:01:21.09
71 Kelly, Nicola F44 (Builth Wells Unk)2:01:54.05
72 Lewis, Rita F54 (Utica)2:02:16.10
73 Terranova, Peter M64 (Newton NJ)2:04:42.55
74 Dahl, Jennifer F16 (Rigaud QC)2:05:41.24
75 Ploof, David M62 (Lake Placid)2:06:04.56
76 Baldwin, Gary M66 (Saranac Lake)2:06:05.53
77 Ryan, Barbara F60 (Lake Placid)2:06:06.69
78 Makepeace, Wendy F62 (Maples)2:06:15.01
79 Shortell, Laurel F47 (Northampton MA)2:06:37.55
80 Conners, Vincent M72 (Newton NJ)2:09:44.51
81 Golonka, Michelle F46 (Delmar)2:09:44.56
82 Atherton, Nanette F52 So. Burlington)2:11:03.20
83 Smith, Jerry M66 (Liverpool)2:11:03.54
84 Odonnell, Marjorie F59 (Selkirk)2:17:12.30
85 Waters, William M42 (Delmar)2:17:12.55
86 Trautz, Brian M60 (Newton NJ)2:18:17.14



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