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Still skating away

March 4, 2013
Lake Placid News

It's a shame that the saga of Lake Placid's doomed skatepark lingers on. Make no mistake, it's shameful that the town of North Elba's seemingly only option is to give the skatepark equipment away.

It's even more shameful that the issue has not gone away - along with it, the skatepark that Lake Placid kids have been robbed from using.

Back in September, the town board agreed to give the equipment to Saranac Lake. Now that village is mongering over where to place the skatepark, and who knows how long that quest will carry on.

Just this week the Saranac Lake Village Board again delayed a decision on where to put a new skatepark (one already exists next to that village's police station). One trustee was quoted as saying "There are a lot of new constraints that we hadn't taken into account before." A page taken out of the Lake Placid saga when grant money was first secured to build the skatepark in the first place.

Now with each news report, our local kids are reminded that "their" park was taken away from them.

In fairness to the town of North Elba, they did try to keep the skatepark within village limits, but to no avail.

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But the point here is not to cry over spilt milk. We are where we are. The Lake Placid skatepark will eventually be dismantled and given away to a neighboring community.

But which one? A new player has entered the picture. The town of Wilmington has announced that they could use the skatepark equipment because theirs was damaged during a recent wind storm.

Wilmington already has a spot for the skatepark. Wilmington has no cloud hanging over the area they utilize for a skatepark. Their kids are able to enjoy using a skatepark - and Lake Placid kids travel there to use it - so let's not keep this dragging on. It's time to end the saga once and for all.

Town officials should come out with an edict. Give the equipment away to the first municipality that comes to take it away. Enough is enough. A disservice has already been done to the skateboarders of this community, so let's just end their misery and get the skatepark equipment out as soon as possible.



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