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LP schools recognized for AP opportunities

April 30, 2012


LAKE PLACID - The Lake Placid Central School District has been recognized by a national organization for its commitment to Advanced Placement studies.

Matt Zarro, senior educational manager for College Board, congratulated the district at Tuesday night's board of education meeting. He said Lake Placid is one of 30 schools in New York state that his organization has acknowledged for expanding opportunities to AP courses.

Zarro said the district has also taken strides to improve the AP courses it offers to students.

"Clearly, Lake Placid is on the right track when looking at AP access and AP success," he said.

Zarro said College Board's aim is to make sure all students have an opportunity to "prepare for, enroll in and graduate from college." He said pre-AP and AP courses help students achieve those goals.

Zarro noted a "significant drop" in the number of students graduating from college. He said out of every 100 students who enter the ninth grade, about 20 end up with a college degree.

"We need to get early insight into student achievement and create a college-going culture," Zarro said.

Zarro said students that score a 3 or higher out of 5 on AP tests are more likely to have success in college.

Board member Herb Stoerr asked Zarro how school districts can continue delivering AP studies as budgets tighten up and resources shrink.

"AP students represent a minority section of students," Stoerr said. "We need to deliver education in a different way, and can't afford to leave the 90 percent of the students in the middle behind. We're overwhelmed."

Zarro said there are opportunities for kids to take AP courses through online providers, something that could save money for school districts.

"We want kids to have access to AP; we want districts with struggling budgets to continue to support AP," Zarro said.

Lake Placid Education Association President Tom Dodd said it was an honor for the district to be recognized for its emphasis on AP courses. He added that the road to an AP class starts in kindergarten and first grade.



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