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February 16, 2012
LORA BUSHY , Lake Placid News

Hello everybody, here's the some of the buzz from around Wilmington.

Last week a conversation with my brother-in-law in Reno centered around how the television ads of winter recreation and ski centers in his area of Nevada featured the horseback riding aspect of the resort and never once mentioned the skiing. I told him that it was just like one of the resorts in Vermont that was promoting its indoor water slides! So lack of wintery conditions is not just plaguing us.

On Saturday I had the honor of watching our Wilmington Rescue Squad in action. The whole scene was pretty surreal; not quite like watching it happen on TV, but detached in a way that I had never experienced before.

It is so good to know that these competent individuals take the time to get emergency training and are ready to save lives. We must also thank God for people in town that have chosen to pursue careers in the health field. Sometimes waiting for the emergency personnel can be the longest few minutes, but when there are trained professionals, we can breathe a bit easier.

It's time again for the Wilmington Town Newsletter to get assembled next week and mailed out. Ginny Crispell always does such a nice job of fitting everything together in a very clear, crisp and easy to read format. Keep up the good work!

Once again the open discussion at the monthly meeting of the Wilmington Historical Society was so enjoyable to listen to.

Doug Wolfe and Guy Stephenson, whose families have lived in Wilmington for generations, can relate how events happened, or how buildings were built from hearing the details that have been handed down to them. The minutiae that wouldn't make it into the history books is the meat and potatoes of the recollection. That bit of trivia that would remain lost floats to the top of their narratives and adds so much to the night's topic; this is the stuff of legend, the funny instances, the joke at the time, the things we keep in conversations when we relate a story.

Gee whiz, if you haven't ever attended one of these open discussions, why not come to the next one? You will not be disappointed, for sure!

The Historical Society's next meeting will be held on March 7. The business meeting starts at 8 p.m. immediately after the open discussion.

There will be a Research Night on Tuesday, Feb. 21 in case you would like to find your roots. On the other hand, if your family doesn't sprout from this acreage, and you would just like to discover the history of the Wilmington area, this Research Night is for you, too.

Come to the Community Center on Springfield Road and take a look at the memorabilia that is contained in the display cases or buy one of the many history-of-the- area books that have been written by some of the natives or area researchers.

Have you welcomed Kate and Aaron Anderson to the Wilmington business scene yet?

Next time you are at the Little Super Market, look at the attached office space. Creations Tailor & Upholstery plus Arts & Crafts has found a new home! Having met in Pittsburgh where Kate was attending the Art Institute, she and Aaron shared the same circle of friends, but had never met each other. But meet they did, and in 2010 tied the knot.

Kate tells of her younger days helping her dad doing restoration work at Boldt Castle in the 1,000 Islands area. She says that helping him tear down furniture, "gave me a good idea of what the inside of furniture looks like."

But in addition to the refinishing, reupholstering and wood working skills Kate acquired from her dad and grandfather, she also has a flair for theater and costuming. Especially eye catching are her cabochon, or bead-embroidered earrings and brooches. When I asked her if someone who has a photograph of an ancestor made into an article of jewelry such as the ones she had already made, she answered, "Sure, that would work very well."

Besides creating pieces herself, she would also like to teach arts and crafts lessons where patrons could buy a kit and assemble the pieces into an heirloom work of art by, and for, themselves.

"I want people to come to me with an idea," she said.

Aaron assists Kate with original designs for some of her jewelry, but his main line of work is fixing computers.

Their shop will be open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Having gone to AuSable Forks for a Memorial Day service a few years back, the crowd was afforded an opportunity to not only honor our fallen heroes, but to listen to our national anthem being sung by one of the most incredible voices in our area. You know who I'm talking about, don't you? Why, Susan Richards of course.

She is the perfect amalgamation of grace, fun and talent. Richards is one of the artists who is participating in the 2012 Coffee House Series that is presented annually by (JEMS) the Jay Entertainment and Music Society.

Not knowing Sue personally, I did a lot of listening to others who had gathered at the Amos and Julia Ward Theater in Jay on the night of Saturday, Feb.4. Would you believe that noone had anything negative to say about Sue? After listening to her repartee with the audience, it was very evident why. She is the epitome of down-home charm. Why she chooses to stay in this neck of the woods and not chase the bright lights of Broadway or Hollywood is a puzzle. The God-given singing voice that she possesses would make the most hardened musical critic consider her a breath of fresh air.

Trying to get Sue had her children together for a photo on Saturday night was not to happen so Jean Snow of Jay gladly stopped what she was doing and got herself surrounded by Sue's daughter, Sarah, her son, Sammy and family friend, Hayley Hickey. Snow later told me that these same girls helped out Sue by singing back up for her last set which included, "Mama, She's Crazy."

The JEMS volunteers were out in full force. The members of this non-profit group continue to amaze me with the hours they give to further the local arts scene. When you see a poster of an upcoming concert or show that is being sponsored by JEMS, do yourself a favor by attending whatever it is that is being offered.

Thank you for reading this week's column, and May God Bless. Thanks, Red.



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