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A time to change supervisor

November 4, 2011
Lake Placid News
To the editor:

This letter is to support Derek Doty to be the next supervisor of the town of North Elba. 

I have a great deal of respect for Derek, Roby and anyone willing to take on the challenges of elected public office. It isn’t easy. These tend to be thankless positions involving a lot of time and effort, but are nonetheless very important to our community. 

I had hoped this election cycle for town supervisor would have been more a referendum on what each candidate plans to do to better our community going forward rather than a popularity contest featuring large, full-color monuments to self. So far, we, as the citizens required to make the decision of who will lead our town, have heard very little on the chief issues facing it: retaining and recruiting jobs and business, and coordinated, planned infrastructure improvement.

There is no doubt Roby “loves this place.” This place has been very, very good to him. But is someone who sells multi-million-dollar properties on Lake Placid for a living going to be willing to place mandatory, potentially costly, septic system upgrades on aging waterfront properties to protect our public drinking water supply if it might cost a sale? It would seem logical that the affluent don’t want to swim in effluent, but bad septic systems continue to be protected — and even hidden — here. The lake is our drinking water supply.

Who will work to clean up the many ancient, failed septic systems on Lake Placid rather than preserving the status quo?

Joe Moore

Lake Placid


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