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NEWS FROM W'TON: Festival of Colors brings a colorful festivity to Wilmington

September 17, 2011
Hello everybody, here are a few things that have happened in Wilmington and around since last column.

O.K., what’s the first thing that goes through your mind when you hear the words, “class reunion?” “What will I wear?” “Will they think I look old?” “Will I recognize everyone?” “Will I recognize anyone?”

Well, folks, let the thoughts have their instant in your brain, then forget them all and go out for a good time with people that you haven’t probably seen in 40 or so years. Just because these people remember all the embarrassing things you did when you were 17, or never thought you would amount to anything, have a good time, then go home.

I was always of the opinion that reminiscing and taking a walk down memory lane was sometimes very cathartic. Let’s hope this get together with some of my high schoolmates will be fun and something we can all look back on with fond memories. (Wish me luck!) 

Driving around the other day it was nice to see that Fox Farm Road had been resurfaced, and then lines were added a few days later. Ah yes, tarred roads and Novocaine, the modern marvels. Wouldn’t we be screaming without them!

Speaking of Novocaine, Gary and I had the sad honor of attending the retirement reception for Dr. George Najim, D.D.S. extraordinaire. Here is a man who had sworn to help people in pain when first starting out in his dentistry practice. Does anyone know that he ever broke that promise? I didn’t think so. People in our lives come and go, some leave very visible trails, others do not. Dr. Najim was the kind of person who left quite large and deep footprints. His quiet demeanor and even quieter sense of humor made him the remarkable man that he is. You will be missed, Dr. Najim, but those who will miss you the most are the same people who will be wishing you the happiest of retirements.

Do you know who Michelle Burns is? She is the director of the Whiteface Regional Visitors Bureau, and if she ever leaves that job, she maybe should look into party planning!

The Festival of the Colors held Saturday, Sept. 10, was her project. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch, and when you seriously look at all the minutiae involved with an undertaking of this magnitude, you can guess just how many hours of both pre-planning and “day of” action this might take. Thank you, Michelle.


And at the Festival of the Colors, there was so much food! From bratwurst and potato salad to vegetarian chili to fried dough and burgers, the choice was left up to whatever you might have been hungry for. Wait! Did I mention pies? The great pie challenge was once again the hit of the day. Thanks to judges, Rhoda Morrisroe, Randy Preston and Louis Adragna (who was also celebrating his birthday). The rock band, Organized Chaos, played to one and all to the delight of everyone who loves the oldies. Did you know that Forbes Excavation donated the use of their flatbed trailer so the band could stay high and dry in case of rain? Thanks to God, the day was glorious. This year a different tone was felt throughout the field of activity, and, almost in the air. Money raised from renting the booth/vendor space was donated to the “Tropical Storm Irene Relief Fund” set up to help our friends and neighbors in the Jay and Keene areas who were affected by Irene.

  Did you ever realize just how many supervisors have sat on the great throne at the head of the Wilmington Town Board? More than you may guess, I’ll bet. Do any of these names ring a bell? Don DeMacy, Thomas McLeod, Jeannie Ashworth, Rod Seymour, Roy Holzer, Randy Preston, George Haselton, Tom Sibalski, Joan Zaumetzer, Frank Everest or Ralza C. Lawrence?

These are just some of the names that were brought up at the open discussion part of the Wilmington Historical Society’s September meeting. Joining the usual group of history buffs was Jack Wolfe who, if given the chance, could have probably told some tales of the youthful exploits of his cousin, Doug Wolfe.

The Historical Society was also present at the Festival of Colors where the emphasis was on ‘made in Wilmington.’ Society President Karen Peters choreographed displays of photos, records, articles and artifacts which depicted the items made in Wilmington’s 200-plus year history.

Using trees from Wilmington’s past for modern day cutting boards was Sid Ward who, once again this year, graciously donated 100 percent of the proceeds to the Historical Society. Just another example of people helping people, just like the theme of the festival.

The winner has been announced: it was the A-team that won the jackpot! And just what is that supposed to mean? Here’s a hint-give Barbara Rothman a call at 524-4808 and ask her about playing canasta at the Adirondack Holiday Lodge on Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. She will fill you in on the details of the A-team, and am sure she will also invite you to join the players.

Did you know that Mitch and Vi Terry were also players at the Adirondack Holiday Lodge in Wilmington? But unlike Barbara Rothman and her fellow canasta mates, Mitch and Vi play good old-fashioned square dance music. Of course they play a lot of familiar oldies and country-western tunes, too. And, just in case you missed their last show on Sunday, Sept.11, be sure to catch their next show on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. 

The guys that were playing with Mitch on 9-11 also play every Wednesday night from 6 to 9 p.m. at the school in Redford, according to Robert Wood from Saranac. Guys like fiddler, Joe Gero from Cadyville who will always be in the company of his best girl, Patricia.

Thank you for reading this column, and in the words of Red Skelton, “May God Bless.”


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