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Ironman and Lake Placid must remain united

July 25, 2011
Lake Placid News
A big Lake Placid welcome to all the Ironman competitors and their families. Once again, the Olympic Village is playing host to a large contingent of athletes who will test their physical endurance swimming, biking and running in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in America.

Good luck to all on having a successful race day and hopefully you and yours enjoy the Adirondack region.

But there is a possibility that your visits to compete in the Ironman here in one of the most popular venues of the sport will end. Although no statement has been made by Ironman organizers, there has been concern here that they will cease holding the race in Lake Placid.

One of the main concerns stems from the fact that roads in the area are either deteriorating and present a distinct safety hazard for those who not only take part in the race but who also visit the area to train. Local leaders and politicians have been pushing state officials hard to get the roads fixed, but to no avail.

Adding fuel to the flame was the announcement in June that Ironman triathlon races are being planned next year for New York City and Mont Tremblant, Canada and there has been talk in the village the Lake Placid race will move elsewhere, perhaps to the aforementioned sites.

Yes, triathlon enthusiasts might have to deal with more traffic, bigger crowds and higher prices of the Big City to compete. Or if it’s held in Canada, American citizens will face long lines and other delays at the border and passport issues.

The Lake Placid News recently held a web poll asking those who compete in Ironman at which location they would rather race. Eleven percent said NYC, 24 percent said Mont Tremblant and the majority, 65 percent picked Lake Placid. Although the results are not scientific, it reflects a willingness of Ironman participants to continue coming to Lake Placid for the event.

If that is truly the sentiment of those who are in town for this year’s Ironman, let your voice be heard. Even though there has been no official signal that the race will leave Lake Placid, just take a precautionary step and let us, and race organizers, know just how much you enjoy coming to Ironman Lake Placid.

Most athletes also visit the area with friends and family. They too can let it be known what they think of the Lake Placid experience.

Send a “Letter to the Editor” to the Lake Placid News. It just may help keep the venue in a place you all love to visit. Letters are limited to 500 words, but longer pieces will be considered as a Guest Commentary. Name, address and phone number must be listed with the letter, although only the name and city will be published with the letter.

Email letters to:, fax them to 518-523-1351 or mail them to: LPN, 6179 Sentinel Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946.

Ironman competitors can also let race organizers know how you feel about the Ironman and Lake Placid. Contact them. (See info box)

State and Department of Transportation officials cite budget constraints as one of the reasons roads and shoulders cannot be fixed. But safety is a public good that government should consider a priority — and more so than the purchase of lands that has been a trend especially here in the Adirondack Park.

Let state officials know that you want the roads to be fixed. Contact them. (See info box)

Ironman racers enjoy coming to Lake Placid and the Olympic Region to test their mettle on a challenging course. The race also provides a vital economic boost to the region. If it ended, it would be a bad thing for all. Let those who need to know learn just how you feel about the Lake Placid Ironman.

Now, the race is on.

Fact Box

Ironman World Headquarters
World Triathlon Corporation
2701 North Rocky Point Drive
Suite 1250
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-868-5940

Governor of
New York state
Andrew Cuomo
State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: 518-474-8390

State senator
Sen. Betty Little
Albany Office
188 State Street Room 310, Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
Phone: 518-455-2811



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