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Graduates: just follow the residue

June 27, 2011
Lake Placid News
Once again it’s time to congratulate another graduating class —the Class of 2011.

Graduation is taking place for the Lake Placid High School on Friday, June 24 and the Keene Central School on June 25. Good luck to all the young men and women who are about to embark on the next level of the great journey of life. Congratulations to them and all the other high school graduates of the region.

Also, a thanks to all the faculty and staff at the schools these students attended who helped them complete an important phase of life — a bridge they will never cross again.

The Class of 2011 moves on, but the schools they are leaving must face another year of uncertain budgets and decisions on what programs to keep and which are expendable.

The Lake Placid Central School District — along with school districts across the nation — has been consistently faced with dwindling budgets and program cuts. These cuts will certainly continue and the challenges to educate our children will get even tougher.

With the moving on of the Class of 2011, the Class of 2012, 2013, 2014 and so on are waiting in the wings. They will be facing even tougher times, probably with more program and staffing cuts. That is the nature of the world we live in today. But therein lies the lesson.

Those who are entering the world after graduation, and those who will be graduating in future classes, must embrace the challenges ahead. It is in tough times when the human spirit is truly tested. No matter how bleak the future seems, there is always hope.

It is this hope of a better tomorrow that these students must grasp — and keep as a catalyst for their future success.

Branch Rickey, a baseball executive for the Brooklyn Dodgers, said: “Luck is merely the residue of design.”

So, there is no need to wish these graduates simply “Good luck.”

They must move forward and take all the necessary steps to succeed. Think positive. Never dwell on the negative. With each positive step taken toward one’s goals, things that may be construed as luck begin to happen. But it is no luck. It is the design of taking the right actions.

So, graduates, just follow the residue.



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