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Village board members and benefits

June 27, 2011
Lake Placid News
To the editor,

As a former Lake Placid village board member I would like to comment on Trustee Zay Curtis’ statement that people would run for the board just to receive the stipend and health insurance.

I do not remember one person that ever served or ran for the board that did it solely for the money and or health insurance and frankly I don’t think he does either.

I did not receive the health insurance, When I served on the board but I had no problem with anyone that did.

I commend board members that choose not to take their salaries and insurance but when you announce before you are elected that you are not going receive these benefits it tends to look more like a political move than a magnanimous gesture.

I think Trustee Jason Leon had good points but he should have had the conviction to ask to delay the vote or voted against it rather than abstain.

Over the years most board members were middle class people who wanted to contribute to our community and not independently wealthy residents who could pass on these benefits.

Rik Cassidy

Saranac Lake


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