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NEWS FROM W'TON: Residents, youth center kids help with town cleanup

April 22, 2011
Hello everybody, here’s a few of the things going on in Wilmington....

Pizza, pizza and more pizza. That is what waited for the townsfolk who decided to get out of their homes on Sunday, April 10 and come into town to help make Wilmington more visually appealing. Chris Santa and Greg Camelo, from the Adirondack Holiday Lodge, sent at least 10 pizzas to the Youth Center on Park Lane for the hungry crew that went there to relax after the town cleanup. Parts of Route 86, Haselton Road, Springfield Road, Bonnie View Road and the area around the youth center were all rid of their roadside rubbish.

Many bright orange garbage bags were filled to overflowing with the gathered crud from the ditches and curbs of the above mentioned roadways. Thanks go to Youth Center Director Amber Stevens and all the kids who took part in making our town much cleaner. Some of those who were there were: Saige Borden, Colin Grady, Chris Holzer, Andrea Holzer, Kylie Hozley, Brette Lawrence, Courtney Lawrence, Brittney Mason, Colton Preston, Trevor Preston, Roberta Smith, Logan Stephenson and Ashton Winch.

While at the youth center following the clean up, I noticed on the windowsill an amazing number of seeds that had been started. Being heated by a grow lamp were containers of summer garden staples, namely various basic, and hybrid, strains of cherry tomatoes and sweet green peppers. According to Brittany Mason, the seeds had been sown about a month ago and when large enough to transplant, will be relocated to the front of the center into the two refurbished garden spots.


This seems to be a trend in the area. Remember when the last column, Jay resident, Fred Balzac had talked about getting together saying, “Maybe there is something we can do about them by working more closely together.” A meeting at the Wells Memorial Library on Wednesday, April 6 was peopled by many like-minded citizens. Out of that meeting came the seed of the idea of planting a community garden. I can remember my parents talking about Victory Gardens during the war. Maybe someone can tell me how similar they were to our present day community gardens.

Balzac also stated,  “If we work together, we are stronger.” Maybe someone can tell me how similar this sentiment was then as it is supposed to be now.


More signs of spring all the time; there are lots of day lilies sprouts popping up in yards and roadsides all over town. Parcels of land are being cleared for new construction, like the property on Springfield Road at the head of the driveway that leads to the Wildlife Refuge and Rehab Center.

June Coarding, on behalf of her and husband Paul, sent me a request to put the following information into this column. There is a memorial scholarship dedicated to the memory of their son Shawn Paul Coarding.

This scholarship is open to high school seniors who reside in the town of Wilmington and who will go on to college or vocational schools. Applications can be obtained at school or through, and returned to, the Wilmington Fire Department before May.

June added that if any alumni or friends would like to help them raise money for Shawn’s Scholarship, a donation can be sent to The Wilmington Fire Department Scholarship in memory of Shawn Coarding; c/o Wilmington Volunteer Fire Dept; 1197 Haselton Road; P.O. Box 425; Wilmington, NY 12997. Any gift would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to Jenna McGreevy who is the salutatorian of the class of 2011 at Lake Placid Central School. You have always been a good example for the younger children to mimic and any honor you receive is well earned. Good going, kiddo!

Also to be congratulated is Jacob Burns who happens to be one of the High School Students of the Month at Lake Placid Central School. According to Jacob, “It (the honor) was pretty nice,” and he was happy to have been recognized. He also received a more delicious form of recognition, a gift certificate to McDonalds.

And finally, very happy birthday is wished to my (much) older sister, Lynda, way out west in Nevada.


Thank you for reading this column and, as Red Skelton used to say, “May God Bless.”



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