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Working as a team for Lake Placid

April 1, 2011
Lake Placid News
Congratulations to incumbent Jason Leon and political newcomer Peter Holderied on being elected to the Lake Placid Village Board of Trustees. Hopefully these newly elected members and the rest of the board will continue to work as a team for the good of Lake Placid.

The “easy” part of political service is over for Holderied in that he was elected. Now comes the tough part. He must now demonstrate he is knowledgeable of the needs and wants of the community and show the ability to convey his thoughts on village issues — both to the public and his peers on the board. He must be able to prove worthy of the responsibility of being a village trustee at the risk of losing his spot in the next election.

Leon has already had a taste of village politics, so he is a step ahead in the game. But he too must continue on the learning curve. No longer is he the “new kid on the block” and he should now understand that his voice on the board carries as much weight as any other board member.

It is also the responsibility of Mayor Craig Randall and standing board members Art Devlin and Zay Curtis to continue to nurture the working unity of the board. They must pave the way for the board to make the right choices during tough economic times and whatever challenges lie ahead.

Being part of a “team” such as a village board is no easy task, and certainly each member of the current board realizes the responsibility they have to the Lake Placid community. Voters have put their faith in them and there is no reason to believe they won’t do what’s best for the community.

That said, thanks go out to David Jones, who had been a board member since 1989, for his service to the community. And to Paul Strack for giving an effort to be elected again to public service. Although he lost, he demonstrated the will to get involved despite having lost a previous bid for reelection in 2009.

Before the next election, Lake Placid will see both good times and bad times. And it will probably be the bad times that determine how the current board members are judged. But if the village board is perceived as a unit that made the right choices for the community, the terms of those in office should be viewed as a success. Good luck to all.



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