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Politicians are badly behaved

November 15, 2010
Lake Placid News
To the editor,

The “crazy season” leading up to the mid-term elections seems to generate the worst and the best from people. Unfortunately, most of it is in the category of a complete disregard for dignity and respect.

Having lived 13 years in New Zealand and three years in Japan, plus working as either a lecturer or consultant in numerous other countries, I have certainly seen examples of other forms of governments. None can offer the freedoms that we enjoy if the original model was adhered to. Whether we stay close to the basic concepts of our constitution, or not, will largely depend on us. Since returning to the United States, and, in particular, the North Country, I have encountered some very community active citizens, who for the most part are honorable and decent. At the same time I have also encountered far too many folks who are so despairing of the qualities of many of our leaders that they are discouraged from participation in our communities, including even voting.

As a retired military type, I’m appalled at the uncivil and, in far too many cases, deceitful actions of many of our politicians running throughout the country. Most of the negative behaviors that appear to be rationalized by the comment, “well, that’s just politics,” would be court material offenses in any of our branches of services. This acceptance of this bad behavior, on our part, requires an answer that only, “we the people“ have access to — the voting machines. A real conscious effort to measure the individual politician’s character rather than the party seems essential at this time in our history.

I can only encourage those who are dismayed to please get out and vote. A quotes attributed to Edmund Burke seems to have become particularly appropriate for this time in our county’s life: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Gerald J. Bunn

Keene Valley


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