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School storm brewing

November 15, 2010
Lake Placid News
To the editor,

Most people do not overly concern themselves with being struck by lightening but true to our human nature most people do concern themselves with the storm at hand when the lightening strikes close.

I feel that a similar situation often naturally exist within our sociopolitical relationships as tax payers to our school districts. I often feel that the scope and importance of my school’s administration and adapted practices often are just fine most of the time and that a tax increase or a particular school need are my biggest concerns.

However, at present I have to ask myself has the lightening recently been striking close enough within my school district that I should be thinking about paying attention to a dark storm? It appears to me that not only has the sky grown dark but that lightning has ben striking close. A popular and favored teacher was suddenly terminated without reason? A prior superintendent suddenly and questionably departs? Absent of any disclosure as to why the departure took place the expense of paying for two salaries was endured by the tax payers. The tremendous expense of a disputed tax assessment will now cost the district a fortune so was it the right decision to dispute this assessment to the end? Budgeting practices has been recently sighted by the comptroller’s office? Proposals to construct exceedingly disproportionate and lavish sporting infrastructure has been put on the table?

Are all the recent events indications that within our school district clouds have formed into seriously bad weather? Out of all these events and concerns has the school been open open and up front with the tax payers? Have ego’s, power and control taken the helm of our school ship? Are board members doing their homework? Has complacency and statuesque plotted the course of the storm? Are these lightening strikes indications that our tax dollars and student’s futures could be washed away in rivers of wrong by self serving rains.

It appears to me that within the recent years our little school district has been operating behind closed doors, in the depths of shadows and through the whisperings of secrecy. I ask all the Lake Placid School district tax payers to look into this sky and if you see dark clouds then please start asking the administrators and board members why. If lightening strikes close, be wise — take action!

Scott W. Grady

Lake Placid


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