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‘The ticking bomb’ response

October 21, 2010
Lake Placid News
To the editor:

Under the headline “The ticking bomb,” (LPN, Sept. 3, 2010) Frank Shatz wrote that Iran may be developing atom bombs. It is indeed possible, if only because the U.S.A. has never attacked a country that had them, and has attacked several that did not.

To reduce our uncertainty, we could tell the Iranian, “You say you are developing nuclear power. Let us therefore exchange some nuclear power experts. It could help your program and reduce tensions between us.”

Our current war talk might make them refuse to let us see entirely peaceful installations, but even such refusal could start us talking. As we do not try this, it seems that our politicians would rather have suspicion than knowledge, even though the knowledge might be reassuring.

Charles W. McCutchen

Lake Placid


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