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More new parking meters may come; new trolley code adopted

August 23, 2010
ERIC VOORHIS, News Staff Writer


News Staff Writer

    LAKE PLACID — During Monday night’s board meeting, councilman David Jones asked members of the board to consider installing European-style parking meters on lower Main Street.

    The same style of meters were installed in the Main Street parking lot across the post office.

    “They have been working incredibly well,” Jones said.

    According to Jones the lower section of Main Street, from the post office to town hall, would require eight parking meter units. Currently the village has one spare unit in inventory.

    “The parking meters (in the Main Street lot) are averaging about $500 a day right now,” Jones said. “They’re going to pay for themselves in less than a year. I just want you all to think about this.”

    The board also discussed the option of additional parking meters on Mirror Lake Drive.

Local Ironman


    During the meeting, Jim Morganson, North Elba town code enforcer, presented a letter to Mayor Craig Randall in opposition to locals losing special registration privileges in the 2011 Ironman competition.

    “We usually have about 30 local athletes who participate,” said Morganson. “As residents of this community they act as ambassadors to other athletes.”

    In the letter Morganson pointed out the importance of acknowledging the few local Ironman participants that there are.

    “In the discussions with the Ironman corporation, we’re hoping that we can get this back,” said Mayor Craig Randall.

    Race organizer Jeff Edwards said he is surprised by the reaction the issue is getting.

    “The doors were open to everyone on the Monday after the race,” Edwards said. “We didn’t turn anyone away. All they had to do was come down.”

Trolly code

    In response to some confusion of routes and a few phone calls, the village adopted a code of conduct and travel safety tips for the Lake Placid Xpress trolley system.

    “This is something that was presented by the trolley manager,” Randall said. “It’s a step in the right direction. And the list of travel tips will be posted on all of the trolleys....  We’ve also had some problems with people calling in and saying ‘I’ve been standing here for 20 minutes and haven’t seen a trolley’ and now all of the approximate stop times will be posted.”



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