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Skateboards conflict with tennis

July 1, 2010
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

    The Lake Placid community tennis courts have become a hangout for kids on skateboards recently. This is a problem for tennis players, being very distracting, even when they keep to unoccupied sections of court.

    I recently spoke to some of them and explained my position. They caused no trouble and left. But they expressed displeasure at having nowhere to go. I asked about the skateboard park, and they replied that “it’s never open.” Someone paid good money to build a skateboard park for these kids, but it’s closed often enough that they perceive it to “never be open,” so they go to the tennis courts instead, shifting the problem to the tennis players. I have sympathy for these kids, and I think I would be pretty frustrated, too, if the one place built for them is inaccessible. I don’t think this is how things should be.

Tom Jelinek

Lake Placid



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