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The cost of militarism

February 12, 2010
Lake Placid News
To the editor:

    Well, our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president has done it again. After deciding to double our military presence in Afghanistan, Obama has proposed the largest “defense” budget since World War II. And that’s adjusted for inflation.

    Wherever you stand on the morality of the Middle Eastern wars our nation is currently conducting, it’s impossible to deny that their opportunity costs are astronomic.

    According to the National Priorities Project, their total expenses now

top $956 billion. For that same total, we could build 7 million affordable housing units, hire 14 million new elementary school

teachers or provide 267 million people with health care.

    Check out the tradeoffs for yourself at If we were righteous enough,

the total could end world hunger — more than 30 times over — according to a United Nations estimate.

Just imagine what we could achieve if Obama put people above his geostrategic goals.

Jon Hochschartner

Lake Placid


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