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Sad to see no snoe.down

January 2, 2010
Lake Placid News
To the editor:

    I am very disappointed to hear the snoe.down music festival was not invited back to Lake Placid again this year.

    While Lake Placid is a wonderful, beautiful and physically fit community, it would do us well to diversify our visitor base. Many bands that play in our area are awestruck by the beauty of our mountain town and the friendliness of our community members.  Band members often express their wishes to return and play here and a few of them own homes in the area.

    The bands that play snoe.down music festival have a huge fan base. These enthusiastic fans appreciate our mountain town and its community members and provide added fuel to our economic engine that is predominately, if not fully, visitor based.  These concert goers stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, shop on Main Street and visit our

Olympic venues. 

    I understand there were several dozen arrests due to drug possession during the snoe.down music festival.  With the excessive police force and K-9 units deployed at the Olympic Center during snoe.down, it is not surprising there were arrests.  The police presence was overwhelming and unnerving throughout the entire concert event.  This extensive police presence is not the norm at any other large event held at the Olympic Center.  Is this profiling? 

    I was at snoe.down in 2007 and before I was allowed entry to the venue, I was ordered to empty all my pockets.  The gate checkers took my gum, chocolate, lip balm and Ibuprofen. The night before snoe.down, I was in New York City at another concert where I was allowed entry to the venue simply by showing the gate checker my ticket.  There were no arrests at this concert. 

    Please don’t let these few dozen arrests out of an attendance of 4,000 concert goers determine whether this community can enjoy another music festival in the future.

    Lake Placid does well attracting and holding sporting events. But let’s make our community well rounded.  Music lovers also love to ski, play hockey, hike, bike and shop.  Our community can only benefit by attracting diverse visitors.

Jen Ledger

Lake Placid


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