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The good, the bad and the ugly (... and sick)

October 1, 2009
Lake Placid News
It was good to see the dedication of Henry’s Woods, a multi-use recreational trail system in Lake Placid, to Henry Uihlein — a local philanthropist and namesake of the Uihlein Mercy Center.

    What an honor to have a trail in the woods — the country equivalent of the urban practice of having a bronze statue of a noteworthy individual erected in the middle of a public square. Unlike a metallic symbol, the trail system is an area that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for years to come.

    Also on a good note, best of luck to Nancy Morelli, the new director at the Lake Placid Public Library. Hopefully the new director realizes that an active library doesn’t have to be a thing of the past and she will continue to build upon the rich history of the library.

    Her efforts should include publicizing library events and maybe even bringing back the Read a Book campaign. Just because we live in the computer age, the library is still a valuable resource for the community. It would be good to see the director take a proactive approach to inform the community of all the programs, children’s activities and services the library has to offer.

    It’s good to see there are still residents who care about the historic relevance of The Land of Makebelieve, and honor its creator Arto Monaco. But it’s ugly to see just how deteriorated the structures at the former amusement park have become. It would be great to believe that someday the former site can be restored to some degree. Ya Gotta Believe.

    It’s bad to see that Essex County is considering a

policy to combat swine flu (the term H1N1 has become popular in some media) by giving managers the power to send an employee home for something they determine are flu-like


    On one side, one can argue that taking such measures against an epidemic is good. On the other side, one can question whether or not an employer should have the right to take such action.

    Those who get sick should have the common sense and consideration for their fellow workers to take precautions not to pass their germs and infect others. It’s a slippery slope, giving a manager the authority to order someone to go home because he or she suspects illness. Does that mean each manager will take a crash course in physician practice? What will the criteria be for making such a call?

    What will happen if a manager fails to send someone home, and one or more of his or co-workers gets ill? Will that manager be held accountable in such a way a bartender is when they serve someone who is intoxicated? A can of worms will be opened if this new policy is implemented.

    And finally, one should not consider the snow that was falling early Wednesday as an ugly sign. Just a precursor to all that is good about being in Lake Placid

during the winter. Get the skis (and snowboards) ready.



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