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Goodbye Doris

July 16, 2009
Lake Placid News
It was sad to learn that the Doris II tour boat, a symbol of Lake Placid, was demolished and discarded to a landfill. Surely, many Lake Placid residents and visitors were also saddened by the news.

    Perhaps a better effort could have been made to save the boat from the dump; however, no one knows exactly how extensive an effort was made, except for the owners, the Lussi family. They say saving the ship was too difficult on several levels — one being cost — and there is little debate practical options for the beloved tour boat were limited.

    It’s easy to suggest that there was some history-oriented organization that would have taken the Doris — and been able to finance refurbishing the boat to make it a viable

visitor attraction. It’s also easy to talk about how the Doris would have made a great local memorial sitting along the shores of Lake Placid or Mirror Lake. It’s easy to imagine there was some benevolent entity that would have saved the Doris from destruction.

    But ultimately, it was the Lussi family who owned the famed ship, and it is hoped that they truly did consider all options. One must remember that the Lussis said the Doris also held a special place in their hearts, and destroying it was not an easy decision. They had every right to take whatever action they saw as necessary.

    When the news broke three weeks after the Doris was scrapped, there was no public outcry. Most people contacted by the News said, “Oh, we heard about that.” No one seemed too upset.

    It still would have been nice if there was a public notice or outreach made by the Lussis, if only to have everyone know that every effort was made to save a part of Lake Placid history. But that’s too late now, and the Doris must live on in the memories of those who enjoyed her.

    Goodbye Doris.


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