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In recognition of two important local agencies

April 23, 2009
Lake Placid News
Two noteworthy occurrences took place recently within two of the most important agencies in the village of Lake Placid. First, the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department elected the first woman fire chief in the department’s history, and second, the Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Squad added a new vehicle to its fleet.

    The year usually passes without giving both the fire department and ambulance squad the recognition they deserve for helping the community. These occurrences provide such an opportunity.

    The core of each of the aforementioned organizations consists of volunteers — local residents who sacrifice their own time and energy to help the community. Each and every member of the fire department and ambulance squad should be commended for their efforts.

    Congratulations and best of luck to new chief Liane Colby. Becoming chief and performing the duties of this important position is no small task.  The post requires leadership and dedication. Since the fire chief is elected by a department’s members, hats off to the entire department for making a historic vote.

    In regard to the new ambulance, a fraction of its cost was offset by donations by local residents. Both the fire department and ambulance squad rely on the support of the community.

    Members of each organization will get up in the middle of the night. Leave a barbecue or the dinner table. Leave their jobs. Stop whatever it is they are doing — just to be there for the community during a rescue or emergency situation, or perhaps even a false alarm.

    So, the next time you hear the rush of sirens of either a fire truck or ambulance, remember they are here to serve the community — most on their own time — and greatly deserve every ounce of community support.

    Whether its in the form of a monetary donation, or a simple wave or hello to one of its members, please take a moment to show you appreciate what they do.

    You just never know when they’ll be rushing to save your life or that of a loved one or to protect your home and property.


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