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A neccesary move

February 25, 2009
Lake Placid News
The village board did the right thing in increasing parking fines from $10 to $25. Some type of increased deterrent to prevent motorists from disregarding the parking regulations was necessary.

It’s not about the money generated — although it’s a nice result to more than double revenue generated from parking fines — it’s more about drivers respecting the fact that the meters are there to be used, and just accepting a fine for a longer stay in a parking spot is not the right thing to do.

Besides the fact that the last increase nearly two decades ago, many visitors come from city areas where fines are much higher — and they may even face a constant threat that their vehicle will be towed away to an impound lot.

When people travel, especially to a resort area, they probably expect a little inconvenience when it comes to parking — it’s just the way it is. To think they will not come back just because of a parking or speeding ticket is not rational.

Certainly parking is an issue in the village, and perhaps having a half-hour longer time limit would be a good option.

Police Chief Scott Monroe’s idea of having parking regulations and fines posted somewhere on the new parking meters will help inform visitors.

Perhaps local leaders, business owners, local residents and public service groups can somehow band together to help inform and guide visitors regarding the use of parking meters and the parking regulations rather than complain about a nominal raise in fines. And perhaps all of us should take note of the parking fines when we go away to another tourist spot. It may be much higher than $25.


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