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When state budget cuts hit home

January 8, 2009
Lake Placid News
The recent news that the future of the AMC-Uihlein nursing home is in jeopardy and may be forced to close with the proposed state budget cuts is alarming. It is also a clear reminder that the country’s economic woes can, and will, hit home.

Hopefully national, state and local politicians and community leaders can band together to make sure Uihlein doesn’t have to close its doors. The closing of the nursing home would be a true tragedy.

Sure, they will still get care, but the current residents of Uihlein will have to move to another facility, or their loved ones will be faced with the economic hardship of paying for a hospital bed — which will have a much bigger price tag.

Gov. Paterson has said that fixing the state’s economic problems will depend on taking drastic measures and many organizations will suffer. But the care of our nation’s elderly must be a top priority.

Other cultures treasure, honor and respect elderly citizens. They are seen as having life’s wisdom, and those who are in their 80s and 90s have witnessed many events in our country’s history.

Residents of the area, and those who have loved ones at Uihlein, should not wait until the proposed budget passes and the decision is made to close the nursing home in Lake Placid.

Those who are impacted or recognize the need to protect the well-being of the elderly and their loved ones should contact Gov. Paterson or their representatives in Congress.

Let it be known that the closure of the AMC-Uihlein nursing home is unacceptable. As a large group, residents of the North Country cannot be ignored.


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