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How to look fabulous without paying a fortune

August 29, 2008
Provided by Fashion Exchange
Are financial stresses limiting your wardrobe as well as your account balances? We all like to look our best when possible; however, while most of us are focusing on putting gas in the car and food on the table we may feel too guilty to even think about buying a new outfit.

If the potential “pick me up” of new clothes is whisked away with a broom of perceived self indulgence, you might want to consider shopping at a consignment store. Consigning and consignment shopping can be an affordable, win-win experience for both the shopper and the consignor.

We all have things in our closet that we thought were a great idea when we bought them, and while they just were never really right for us, they may be perfect for someone else. This is where consignment comes in. You take these items to a consignment store, and they will sell them for you. Someone else finds your treasures, loves them, buys them and you get a portion of the sale while they were able to buy great garments at an affordable price.

Consignment shopping allows the average person to look fabulous without spending a fortune. If you haven’t tried it yet, once you start you’ll be hooked. You’ll find yourself buying things that are brand new or new to you for deeply discounted prices or paying everyday prices for clothing that might otherwise be unobtainably expensive.

Lets face it, prices can be crazy and make us feel like we can’t afford to spend on ourselves. Consignment shopping, on the other hand, can allow you to easily put together a current wardrobe without going broke. A pair of brand name jeans, for example, that would cost you easily $80 or more can usually be purchased resale for between $10 and $15. A sweater that would sell for $50 can be picked up at a consignment store for around $12. Just think of what an impact that could have on your wardrobe.

Consignment shopping also has quite a few positive social and environmental aspects. For example, reusing clothing results in fewer incidences of child labor practices, less junk in land fills as a result from people just discarding their garments and lower CO2 emissions as a result of decreased shipping of clothing overseas. Consignment shopping also recycles money back into the local economy and locally owned businesses instead of big corporate multinational companies. And, garments that do not sell in a designated time frame are donated to a local charity to be given, or sold very affordably, to those in need.

You might want to consider consigning some articles of clothing that did not work out for you to get the ball rolling on this new adventure. Most of us have a good number of new or fairly new garments that we purchased with the best of intentions and then only wore once or maybe not at all. That sweater you got for Christmas with the tag still on it, or the ski jacket you wore once before you realized that skiing isn’t your sport — that’s all you need to get started as a consignor. Consider recycling those items and turning them into cash or reinvest that money into something that would suit you better.

At Fashion Exchange we pay close attention to what’s in and what’s out, style wise. We carefully scrutinize potential consignments to ensure that our customers will be buying pristine clothes and accessories at the peak of fashion. We do not take anything that actually looks like its been worn unless that was the intention of the manufacturer. We only take name brand better labels, so you wont be looking at something that came from a discount store. Through experience, we have found that there is still a big difference in the appearance of a better quality garment, affecting how flattering it looks when worn and how it will hold up to wearing and cleaning. Our store is packed with chic, pristine, delicately used items that have been hand-picked to meet our exacting standards for style and mint condition.

Our staff at Fashion Exchange is extremely talented at putting together ensembles to flatter you, and we are always happy to help with ideas or an honest second opinion. Please just let us know if you want our input, because we try not to make your shopping experience pressured by hovering when we are not wanted. We make every effort to provide a fun, stress free shopping environment for the comfort and enjoyment of all involved.

Thanks to our great consignors from all over the area, including across the lake and north of the border, Fashion Exchange is able to consistently have a large inventory of current style and top of the line quality garments that allow our customers to execute our favorite motto: “Look fabulous without paying a fortune.”

Fashion Exchange is currently collecting donations of old and used Crocs brand shoes. They are being sent to a company who melts them down and makes new shoes out of the rubber to be distributed to people in impoverished areas around the globe. Please spread the word or drop off your old Crocs anytime. Thank You!

If you are shopping at Fashion Exchange in the month of September, mention this article in the How-To Guide, and we’ll discount your purchase an additional 10 percent.

We look forward to accompanying you on your adventure in consignment and consignment shopping. Remember to “Relax, Recycle and Refuse to pay a Fortune to look Fabulous.”

Fact Box

Tips for shopping consignment
¯Don’t be in a rush. Fashion Exchange carries a vast selection. You’ll want time to shop through all the choices.
¯Shop often. Fashion Exchange receives more than 100 articles of clothing and accessories daily. Most of our customers know to stop in frequently so they don’t miss new arrivals.
¯Check out all sizes, not just the one you usually wear. We carry various manufactures and many cut their garments differently.
¯Be flexible. Don’t limit yourself by looking for a specific item or you may miss out on a great find.
¯When you see something that calls out to you, buy it, or at least have it held for you. Chances are it won’t be there next time you stop in.

Tips for successful consigning
¯The better presentation of your garments, the more successful you will be in having them accepted for sale and selling them.
¯Inspect your clothing and accessories at home for spots, lint, broken zippers, missing buttons, pet hair, moth holes, or odors (perfume, tobacco etc.)
¯Some consignment stores have a high volume of turn over and can not accommodate walk-ins, so it is best to call ahead to find out if you need an appointment.



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