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How to design a functional kitchen

August 29, 2008
Provided by eHow
Whether you are remodeling an old kitchen or designing a new kitchen for a new home, functionality is the key to kitchen design. Having a functional layout in the kitchen not only makes the kitchen more inviting to your family and guests, but it also makes things easier on the one who is doing the cooking, which is probably you! If a kitchen design is laid out wrong and it doesn’t function properly for you, it will haunt you every day that you live in your home.

The basics of functional kitchen designs are incumbent upon the location and placement of the refrigerator, stove and sink.

You do not want your sink to be across the room from your cooking stove. Not only could walking across the floor with hot skillets or pans make a mess on your floor, but it can dangerous. What if you tripped over a child or pet on the floor? A functional kitchen design will have the cooking area in very close proximity to the kitchen sink

The same rules apply for the placement of the refrigerator. The refrigerator should also be in close proximity to the stove. If you are cooking and need something fast out of the refrigerator you do not want to have to walk fifteen feet to reach it.

Think of places where you will want to house your plastic ware, food, canned goods, herbs and spices. Ensuring that you take all of these cabinets into consideration when you are doing your kitchen design will make it truly functional for you once your kitchen is built.

Having a functional kitchen is not hard if it is designed properly from the start. Think about your appliances and your cabinets. Once you have those placed where they should be, everything else will fall into place for you.



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