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An Iron event

July 18, 2008
Lake Placid News
A warm welcome to all the athletes who are in the area to compete in the annual Ironman in Lake Placid. Finishing the race is truly a testament to the will to compete and endure in such a grueling test of human perseverance and strength.

That the event is in its 10th year in Lake Placid is a testament to the unique character of the region. Its peaks and valleys make it one of the most challenging Ironman courses on the circuit.

The event is certainly an economic boon to not just Lake Placid but to the surrounding communities as well.

The downside for many locals is that the event does cause a bit of an inconvenience, and many decide to get out of town.

No matter how one views the Ironman, organizers and residents should both continue to work together to make it a success. Athletes should recognize, and be sympathetic to the fact, that many locals do not profit from the event directly, and may feel bitter toward bicyclists who clog a roadway while training or when inconvenienced by all the traffic detours.

Locals should recognize that any event such as Ironman, which brings notoriety and visitors to the area, is a great thing. Don’t forget that many competitors are also bringing their families, who may become regular visitors to our special neck of the woods.

In the long run, we all benefit. Good luck to all the competitors, and may you and your families and friends enjoy your stay in the Olympic Region.


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