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December 18, 2014 This week, we explore the history of the Olympic Region from the archives of the Lake Placid News every quarter century for the past 100 years. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Millennials, the Adirondacks are a comin’

December 11, 2014 Collaboration was the lead message coming out of the Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages annual meeting held in Lake George Monday, Dec. . more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Keep your dough soft, sugar

December 11, 2014 Christmas is coming, and there are too many things to do. A little girl told me, “I am running around like a turtle with its head cut off,” which perfectly describes the state I’m in. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Israel in the mind of America

December 11, 2014 Earlier this year, Mitchell Reiss, at that time still president of the prestigious Washington College in Maryland now serving as President and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, was asked... more »»

LOOKING AT THE MIRROR: Partnerships and progress

December 11, 2014 We all know the main draw of tourists to our town is our beautiful landscapes and lake. more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: Taking Rachel’s Challenge

December 11, 2014 On Friday, Oct. 3, two Rachel’s Challenge programs were presented to our students. more »»

IT'S OUR HISTORY: St. Hubert’s and St. Eustace

December 5, 2014 Over the past few weeks, some new postcards from the Stedman and Moses Collection of glass plate negatives have been circulating around tow. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Unintended consequences

December 5, 2014 After the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, the majority of TV talking heads, commentators and pundits viewed the events that took place on the night of Nov. 9. more »»


December 5, 2014 This week, we explore the history of the Olympic Region from the archives of the Lake Placid News every quarter century for the past 100 years. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

December 5, 2014 I was watching a documentary show on television where this freight train in California went out of control and it just kept going faster and faster and the engineer was signalling “Mayday! Mayday!”... more »»

NORTH COUNTRY KITCHEN: Daikon, the Japanese radish

December 5, 2014 The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and the garden harvest is complete. One of the last vegetables we dug up before the ground was covered in white were our daikon radishe. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Thinking about Keene’s future

December 5, 2014 Once a month during the fall, winter and spring months, Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee spends an hour or two at the Keene Valley Library talking with local residents about issues and actions before... more »»

ON THE SCENE: Mount Van Hoevenberg opened with a party

November 26, 2014 Potlucks, bonfires and $8 tickets might not be expected at ski centers, but that was the enticement to come to the Mount Van Hoevenberg Cross-Country Ski Center on Saturday, Nov. more »»

BLUEGRASS MOMENTS: Bluegrass for the Next Generation

November 26, 2014 After three years, the Bluegrass for the Next Generation program at SUNY Plattsburgh continues to gain momentum, but now it’s time for this regionwide bluegrass movement to spread beyond the... more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: Digital Citizenship

November 26, 2014 As the world becomes ever more digitally connected, our students are spending enormous amounts of time in this online environment every day, both for school-related and personal reasons. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Literary debut

November 26, 2014 It doesn’t happen too often that an author’s literary debut, a collection of short stories, is named by National Public Radio, the Best Book of 2013, the New York Times Editor’s Choice, The New... more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Didn’t you see the bologna?

November 26, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving. When November comes, we Americans like to hark back to that first Thanksgiving, with Squanto and Captain Shrimp and the gang. more »»


November 26, 2014 We can all see and feel that change is accelerating. Technological advances race forwar. more »»

EDITOR'S DESK: A sign of romance in Lake Placid

November 21, 2014 Lake Placid is in the memory-making business, and getting engaged in the Olympic Village will always be one of the highlights of my life. more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: Career Day for LPHS students

November 21, 2014 The Lake Placid Connecting Youth and Communities, Lake Placid Business Association and the Lake Placid School District recently teamed up to provide Lake Placid High School sophomores and juniors... more »»



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