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Weight-loss group to host open house

April 23, 2015 - Andy Flynn
This week: 406 lbs.

Last week: 402 lbs.

Start (12/17/13): 470 lbs.

Total lost: 64 lbs.

As the Fit Revolution weight-loss group wraps up another 12-week program at the end of next week, we are inviting the public to an open house at the Fitness Revolution gym from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 30.

Stop by and ask questions about the program. Tour the facilities. Best of all, this is your opportunity to work out with the group for free. Call it a trial run. Sweat alongside the people you’ve read about in the Lake Placid Diet column: Jennifer Friel, Robin Miller, Merry Barney and me. Meet the trainers, Jason McComber and Seth Lang.

The reason we’re hosting an open house is to show people how the program works. More importantly, we want you to meet the Fit Revolution family. With more than a dozen members of the group, we come from all walks of life. And while we’re all trying to lose weight and get stronger, the number on the scale is not the bottom line. There is no competition like the Biggest Loser program.

“I think everyone has a misconception of what this class is because when it first started, we talked about it being strictly a weight-loss class and it really has taken a whole different shape,” McComber said. “One of the most important things about this program to me was that I let the participants build it around their needs and goals. Sometimes with similar programs there is so much pressure and focus on how much you lose, and the big picture gets diluted.”

What about life after the program? What about a working knowledge of exercise and fitness? What about being on your own again?

“What I saw as this program or ‘family’ grew and developed was that there existed some greater obstacles, some greater needs and some greater rewards than just losing weight,” McComber said. “To watch these participants grow, change and become athletes is inspiring beyond words.”

One thing you won’t see is the way we connect with each other on our Fit Revolution Facebook page. It’s a never-ending support group. Every day, members are posting three positives in their lives. This is also a forum to talk about issues, read nutritional tips from Jason, post inspirational stories and motivational quotes, and invite people to an off-day workout, bike ride or walk in the woods.

During the first three rounds of the program — formerly called the Take It Off Weight-Loss Challenge — members worked out for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday evening. This time, we kept it to 90 minutes but added a one-hour workout on Saturday morning. The schedule for the next round has not been finalized yet.

“I think anyone that has doubt, anyone that has questions, anyone that has a desire to change, and anyone that is simply curious should come see what these amazing athletes do,” McComber said. “Try and keep up, sit and watch or come and support. The Take It Off Weight Loss Challenge is for sure changing to the Fit Revolution. Come see what it is all about.”

In addition to the support we get from each other and the trainers, what I like most about the program is the flexibility. If you can’t do a jump rope, for example, you can swap it out for an air jump rope. When I started, I couldn’t do a jump rope, so I began coming to class early and I practiced. Soon I was able to do one, then five, then 10 in a row. Now I can do 20 in a row, and I’m still improving. You never know what you can do until you try. But it all starts with the first step: walking through the door.

This was my third round of classes and won’t be my last. I need it to lose and maintain weight. I hope to see some of my readers there on April 30. Fitness Revolution is located at 1991 Saranac Avenue. For more information, call 518-523-4127 or visit


Sample Workouts

On a typical night working out at the Fitness Revolution gym in Lake Placid, the Fit Revolution weight-loss group will complete two or three rounds of exercises designed to keep the heart rate up and burn fat.

We start at 6:30 p.m. and end around 8 p.m. The trainers spend some of that time explaining the exercises, and we are encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the evening.

After the workout, we are encouraged to eat a recovery meal with protein to repair and build muscle, carbohydrates to replace the glycogen stores we just burned, and water and electrolytes to replace what we lost in sweat.

Below is one of the recent workouts.


Time is set for 40 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible. After the first round, add the number in parentheses. For example, do 30 air ropes the first round, 60 the second round, 90 the third, etc.

30 sec. wall sit (+30)

30x air ropes (+30)

5x wall balls (+5)

30x jumping jacks (+30)

30x battle ropes (+30)

3x burpees (+3)

30x butt busters (+30)

30x high knees (+30)

1x tire flips (+1)

300-meter row (+100)


Time is set for 40 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible.

Run flat 3 minutes

10 squat jumps

10 alternating static curls

10 standing kickbacks

Run 3% incline, 3 minutes

10 Cybex pinch press

10 leg curl

10 Cybex row

Run 6% incline, 3 minutes

10 hollow rocks

10 cherry pickers

10 ball raises


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